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What Does A/B Split Testing Really Mean?

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So, you want to understand what A/B split testing really means?

This beloved test is something that marketers hold near and dear to their hearts, and aims to determine what resonates best with a target audience. And while classic A/B testing (i.e. testing ad copy A against ad copy B) can really be applied to any type of marketing tactic – social posts, direct mail, email titles, etc. – we will keep this conversation to the digital advertising space, and help break through some of the noise floating around the topic.

Here are a few basic insights to keep in mind when conducting split testing on your digital ads:

Test One Thing At A Time

To conduct a true split test, be sure you are only testing one thing at a time. If you place a call-to-action button on an ad about half-price drinks and test it against an ad without a call-to-action button on an ad highlighting Trivia Tuesday, it will be difficult to decipher if the topic, or the call-to-action button resonated with the audience. In short – make your test black and white.

Gather Enough Data

Be sure to allow your test to run long enough to provide enough data to make your inferences, and to properly optimize your campaigns. If your test did not run long enough to even make it through 1-2 half-price drink nights or Trivia Tuesdays, how can you properly assess the data and ROI of your ads? Remember, the beginning stages of any digital advertising campaign are meant for research and testing.

Continue to Test

The market is always changing and adapting. With every platform update or company change comes new marketing shifts. As advertisers, we are always looking for new ways to reach our target audience, so continue to test various variables in your campaigns. Life in advertising is often one big perpetual A/B split test, as you search for new ways to break through the market.

Give Your A/B Test Context

If you see that your ads are not aligning with your goals, go back to the drawing board and conduct the test again. Consider if something was going on at that point in time that would have an affect on your results. Was the weather particularly good that day? Was there a major sporting event? Give context to your initial data.

If you would like help reaching your target audience, email Lindsey Groepper for more information.

Facebook Instant Articles | The Digital Download

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There are many questions left unanswered: How will publications choose what is an Instant Article versus a website article? Will publications have an “Instant Article team” to create original content or will current reporters just use the feature to repost already written online articles?  In today’s episode of The Digital Download, our team takes a closer look at this new feature and discusses its impact on the digital landscape.

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Facebook Instant Articles: The impact for content marketers

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Starting today, Facebook is rolling out a feature to allow news organizations to host articles directly on the site (versus posting links back a website), dubbed Instant Articles. Despite the possibility that utilizing this feature might damage the amount of traffic the social platform sends back to a publisher’s website, major outlets like The New York Times and Buzzfeed have signed on to participate. While Facebook desktop users won’t notice as much of a visual difference, those on iPhones will notice motion graphics and photos drawing their attention to Instant Articles (along with quicker load times then a publisher’s mobile site). Facebook has offered pretty hefty incentives to get these big publishers to sign on, including allowing the selling and embedding of ads directly into content (with 100 percent% of the proceeds going back to the publisher) and collection of data on the readers of the articles. So what does this mean for content marketers and the news outlets they work with?  Read More

PR: The Most Powerful Asset in Content Marketing | The Digital Download

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PR professionals: sit up and take notice. The changed media landscape and need for fresh, consistent and ever-more-clickable content has lead major media outlets from Entrepreneur to TechCrunch to source contributed content from experts and brand leaders. In this episode of The Digital Download, BLASTmedia explores best practices, roadblocks and trends in writing content and finding a home for it in the folds of national media.

We’re joined by special guest Sam Whitmore, the founder and curator of MediaSurvey, a tech PR consultancy, and peruser of media minds.

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interesting instagram campaigns

Interesting Instagram Campaigns: A Roundup

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Second only to Vine, Instagram is one of my all-time favorite social media platforms. What makes it so great is its ability to give users a literal view into the lives of humans halfway across the world. And aside from hundred thousand dollar buy-ins for carousel ads, Instagram offers largely the same features for brands and beings alike, which is why we’re so inclined to insert ourselves into grassroots-style hashtag movements like Starbucks’ #WhiteCupContest.

Recently, I’ve seen a number of super-interesting Instagram campaigns happening across the interwebs that I selfishly wanted to share. Full disclosure: some of these bleed over into Twitter, as well.

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Grillfriend hhgregg

hhgregg’s Grillfriend campaign

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We recently approached our client hhgregg with a really cool idea for a campaign to help them “fire” up their grill sales for this spring and summer. The campaign’s focus is a series of videos we produced showcasing a dude who is having serious relationship issues with his grill. We appropriately called the campaign Grillfriend — take a gander at the video series, and then head to hhgregg to upgrade your grill!

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Traditional Tactics vs. New Media – The Digital Download

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Less than a decade ago, most companies were heavily invested in traditional marketing tactics to get the word out about their business. With the rise of the internet, social media, online news sources and advertising, marketing has rapidly changed, and companies are trying to find the right mix of traditional and digital tactics to stay relevant. In this week’s episode of The Digital Download, two members of our team who have walked the lines between earned, owned and paid media discuss these shifts in marketing and what businesses should consider when weighing the importance of tactics, from billboards to internet radio.

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Advertising with LinkedIn Lead Accelerator

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LinkedIn has long served as a beacon of light in an otherwise dimly lit realm of digital B2B advertising. They’ve recently amped up efforts to shed light on B2B connections with their recently released Lead Accelerator. With less than 5% of website traffic offering up their email address, and 80% of marketing emails going unopened, Lead Accelerator promises a better way to nurture leads.

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State of the media report

State of the Media 2015 – What PR Professionals Need to Know

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Every year, the Cision Media Research team releases a report examining traditional and social media. If you haven’t read Cision’s recently released “State of the Media 2015 Report” — and it’s okay, not everyone geeks out about media and reports like I do — here’s my summary of some of the juicy tidbits that changed the media landscape this year and how those changes are impacting public relations professionals.
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Twitter Video Ad Campaigns | The Digital Download

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In episode 10 of The Digital Download we discuss Twitter video ads and compare them to some of the other ad platforms that are currently utilized for BLASTmedia clients. These ads are still in their beta stage and not available to all users, however are showing promise as a quality click-to-play video ad platform. We are excited to see the direction this platform will move in the future, tune in to hear some of our predictions.

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