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Pros and Cons: Twitter to Expand 140-Character Limit

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Word on the street is that Twitter is looking to do more than expand its direct messaging… The trademarked 140-character limit may be growing in the coming months. Will this Twitter change really benefit the end user or will it sit uneasy with Twitter traditionalists?

Did you just read all that? Well, what I really could’ve said is: Twitter is cutting the 140-character limit. Will this help or hurt Twitter and its user base?

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Five Marketing Must-Knows For This Week

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Changes and updates in the world of content marketing happen quickly and often and it is hard to keep up with the whirlwind of news. We here at BLASTmedia spend a good amount of time with our nose in the Internet books, making sure we keep up on the latest and greatest to help serve our clients. Below are just a few of the most prominent marketing must-knows from the past week:

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What Moments Mean for Marketers

What “Moments” Mean for Marketers

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Dull moments in marketing are few and far between in the instantaneous world of social media. Moments are catalogued with remarkable speed as current events and trending topics fight for attention. Mere minutes after occurring, the internet churns with commentary, gifs and video replay. The revolving marquee of moments provides brands with an opportunity to make meaningful connections – to both social trends and to the faces peering through the monitor. Let’s take a look at five types of moments, and what they might mean for your brand.

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Five Things to Know About Stripe’s New Relay API

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On Monday, payment processing company Stripe Inc., launched Relay, a set of APIs for building in-app buying experiences. With Relay, people can buy products directly within an app — like Twitter, ShopStyle or even your own company’s app — rather than getting pushed to third-party websites. 

If you’re not already excitedly Googling “Stripe Relay” with baited anticipation of how you can use Relay for your business, here are four other really cool things any marketer should know about Relay:

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Marketers’ Guide to the Apple Event and Latest News

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The live Apple event is every PR person’s dream – a quick note to a few select media with little to no detail, and the world is instantly watching. The Cupertino powerhouse announced big pieces of news this week including new iPhones and iPads, an updated Siri and updates to Apple TV.

Now that the smell of anticipatory sweat has cleared from the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, let’s examine how Apple’s most recent news will affect us marketers, PR pros and our industry at large.

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5 Tips for a Successful Product Launch

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Product launch

Considering how best to introduce your new product to the world? Before you conduct a product launch, there are a few things you need to do. At BLASTmedia, we’re no stranger to product launches and frequently help clients plan, compose messaging, and develop a strategy for media to share the news with readers. Having a specific launch date can increase the amount of articles that post, therefore increasing consumer visibility about your product. Choose a date that works best for your team, and remember that Monday and Friday’s are usually not good choices for an announcement.

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Has free content killed print media?

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As a public relations and content marketing agency, we’re often asked whether print media is a dying breed. This question has increased in frequency recently, and when KPCB analyst Mary Meeker’s “State of the Internet” presentation was released earlier this summer, the foreshadowing of news to come didn’t help the cause. In the presentation, she highlights a chart showing the percentage of time consumers spend on various forms of media, including print, radio, television, etc., ranked print as the lowest, holding a mere four percent of readership.

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Social Media Updates To Know

5 Social Media Updates To Know

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It can be challenging to stay up to speed on all the latest social media updates happening across the vast amount of platforms we use today. Tiny tweaks happen every day, and figuring out how those changes play a role in our clients’ worlds is a point of pride for us here at BLASTmedia.

From Instagram advertising to Facebook revamping the ‘Notes’ section, we have you covered on the latest social media updates:

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