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How Do Small to Mid-Size Agencies Earn Big Name Clients? A BLASTmedia Q&A With Lindsey Groepper

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BLASTmedia has a proven track record of working with big-name clients and we’re often asked by other industry professionals how those relationships began. We chatted with Lindsey Groepper, President of BLASTmedia, for some tips on how small to mid-size agencies can earn and keep the business of big name clients. Read More


Snapcha-CHING: Snapchat Cashing in with Sponsored Lenses

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Have you ever wondered how in the world a new free app plans to actually make money? We’ve seen the eventual implementation of ads and sponsored content from the likes of Instagram and Twitter, who started ad-free before their user bases grew. With feed-based social platforms, quietly sticking some “paid-for” content into the stream is a relative no-brainer. But what about, say, a Snapchat? How does a social platform mostly reliant on peer-to-peer photos and videos make any money without disrupting that fragile millennial UX?

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Campaign Spotlight: PicoBrew Pico Kickstarter Launch

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BLASTmedia worked with client PicoBrew to promote the company’s latest product, the Pico, an at-home, craft-beer brewing appliance, as it launched for pre-order on Kickstarter.

After putting together a launch strategy, which included a multi-city press tour, BLASTmedia reached out to our media contacts to set up in-person demos of the new product with top-tier media prior to launch. BLASTmedia also set up a virtual press tour, with demos of the Pico product available on Skype and Facetime.

Through our PR efforts, Pico was featured in national outlets including CNN, Forbes, Bloomberg News, The Wall Street Journal, Engadget and CNET, totaling over 300 million media impressions in seven days.

PicoBrew Pico media coverage

PicoBrew Pico media coverage

The national media coverage, coupled with the company’s digital advertising strategy, propelled the project to reach its goal of $200,000 less than nine hours after launch and to reach $500,000 in under a week after the campaign began. Additionally, the top two revenue sources to the Pico Kickstarter page were a result of media coverage secured by BLASTmedia.

Now, only 10 days into a four-week campaign, the Pico project has already raised more funds than the company’s first product (which debuted on Kickstarter in 2013) achieved during its entire crowdfunding campaign.

If you are interested in exploring the role that media relations, social media and digital advertising can play in your product launch, please contact John at

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Three Cheers For Client Success

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Let’s hear three cheers for BLASTmedia! Per usual, we’ve been hard at work over the past few weeks. Now, it is time to celebrate. Raise your glass (or mug of coffee) and a toast to recent client success.

Looking to receive three cheers for some success of your own? Contact Lindsey Groepper for more information on how BLASTmedia can help boost your brand.


a marketer's guide to emojis

A Marketer’s Guide to Emojis

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Emojis in marketing continue to become more and more prevalent, from press releases to tweets, and brands are cashing in on the trend. Considering a larger number of consumer audiences are communicating with them, it’s no surprise. One study even tells us that humans now react to smiley faces online with the same response of one in real life. What began mainly as a supplement to text messages is quickly developing into a language of its own. If your key audience is speaking in a language you don’t understand, you’d better get fluent before your message gets lost in translation.

Do you want to leverage emojis in your marketing campaigns, but don’t know where to start? Let’s get emojional. Read on for the basic DO’s and DON’Ts of using emojis in marketing.

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BLASTmedia client success

Fall-ing into Client Success

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The fall days are here. Leaves are changing colors and the pumpkin carving has begun but at BLASTmedia, we’re busy carving out major successes for our clients in the news! Grab you pumpkin spiced latte and check out our highlights for the month:

  • BLASTmedia secured a recurring contributor spot for Wasp Barcode Technologies on
  • BetaNews posted Crittercism’s byline highlighting the differences between mobile and web.
  • BLASTmedia secured coverage for Nobis in a retail trends story both online and print in Globe & Mail.
  • Nextworth, an electronic trade-in and recycling service, was featured on Entrepreneur’s “3 Ways Retailers Should Accommodate the Mobile-Obsessed Customer.” They were also included in the ‘The Frugal Shopping’ column on U.S. News & World Report.
  • BLASTmedia secured coverage on for Fortegra’s sales personality quiz, and a standalone titled, “The 5 Types of Sales Beasts & How to Spot Them in the Wild.”

Looking to fall into some success of your own? Contact Lindsey Groepper for more information on how BLASTmedia can help boost your brand!

Money Earns Coverage: The Power of Funding Announcements

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If you watch the show Silicon Valley, you know how painful it was for PR executives to hear Richard, the inventor of Pied Piper, say – after receiving a huge round of funding – “I just want our startup to fly under the radar.”

Unfortunately for Richard, it doesn’t work that way. Once your business files its funding with the SEC, the information is public. The best approach is to not let press find the SEC filing on their own, but own the messaging from the beginning with a funding announcement. But besides owning the story, you may be wondering: What’s the benefit and how do I leverage PR?

From a small seed round to a big Series B, the story is the same: Stakeholders have faith in your product or service and they’ve backed you financially as a result. Each investment represents inflections in your company’s history that cause individuals to take notice.

Sharing investments makes it easier to recruit talent, alerts other investors of your financial attractiveness and helps potential customers realize the value of doing business with you. Also, it’s a great way to turn tech media contact’s heads that have ignored you in the past.

You may have read articles denouncing the celebration of fundraising and commending startups that are bootstrapped. But this just takes us back to my first point; you need to own the message. Whether your company hasn’t even begun generating revenue, like Richard’s Pied Piper; or you’re tenured and looking for later-stage funding, you can still be a media darling.

According to Business Insider, “The amount of money raised has become a way some people benchmark a startup’s success. The more an investor pours into a startup, the better the startup’s idea and team must be. It will have enough money to live a little longer, at the very least.” As a startup, this message will resonate with your target audience. Don’t be afraid to own the support your company, employees and product garnered.

In regards to later-stage funding, leverage your bootstrapping message. Focus on the revenue generated in prior years and the choice to receive funding as one to aid in robust growth.

Quick recap on the benefits of funding announcements:
• Ownership of the message
• Proof of concept and the company’s worth demonstrated by financial support
• Securing attention from other VCs
• Reaching potential customers
• Earning media coverage for your business
• Recruiting talent and growing your company

If you’re fundraising and need assistance spreading the word, contact She can help you understand the best way to get the most coverage for your news and additional strategies for getting the most out a campaign.

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